Marston Preschool

   Marston Preschool


 The Scout Hut,Bedford Road, Marston Moretaine, MK43

01234 930796


Parents and carers information

 We believe that children gain the best care and development when we work together with parents in partnership. We aim to support parents with their child’s learning and development throughout their early years up to the transition into school.


 When you have completed the registration form please ensure you have paid the £15.00 fee this is to contribute to the starter items, name cards, child development folders and other paperwork whilst attending Marston preschool.


 All fees must be paid a month in advance and any additional hours will be billed for at the end of the month by invoice.

General information

 The children will have pegs in the cloakroom for them to independently hang their belongings up, of course help will be offered where needed. Pack lunches must be put onto the trolley and they will be stored in the hall out of sunlight.

In the cloakroom we will have a board with the preschools information, registration certificate and insurances as well as other news about the preschool. We also have a whiteboard designated for specifically what we have done throughout the day and reminders for parents and other relevant information.


Please ensure you child is well enough to attend preschool and join in activities both inside and outside, Children who have had Calpol (or a similar medicine) are not well enough to attend Preschool.


 Please ensure you have packed a spare set of named clothes for your child when they attend Preschool, this is for wetting accidents or simply if a spare set of clothes is needed if the child got wet in water play.

 Please ensure you pack relevant clothing for different weather, hats, scarfs and gloves in the colder months and sunhats, sleeved tops in the summer months. (Please read the sun cream policy ensuring you have applied a good layer of sun cream in the warmer months, we will top up if needed for example if your child is attending all day.)

 Please provide wellies - this is to ensure your child has appropriate footwear when helping with allotments, playing on the field or simply jumping in puddles!

 We do provide Marston Preschool tops and jumpers for the children at a reasonable cost in which you can purchase them, this isn’t compulsory but if you do chose to send children in their own clothes please be mindful the children do lots of creative messy play and they could become spoiled.

Our staff

 We are a handpicked team of qualified professionals who are kind, caring and highly motivated to provide the children with a great learning experience .We ensure all training is up to date, staff are first aid trained and have attended safeguarding training. We have a practitioner who is SENCO trained with lots of experience. All staff will continue to update training and attend new training which is of benefit to all that attend the Preschool.

Special Educational Needs

We have a SENCO present at Marston Preschool, we will work in partnership with you and other professionals to ensure that your children’s special needs are met. Please see our special needs education policies and procedures for more information or speak to a member of staff to discuss further.

Key people

 Children are the heart of Marston Preschool and we understand how difficult and worrying it is for parents to leave their child with people who are unfamiliar to both parent and child, Marston preschool is a welcoming place where children settle quickly and easily because consideration has been given to the individual needs of children and their families.

 We believe that children settle best when they have a key person to support them, who knows them and their parents well, by working with parents/carers we can meet their childs individual needs best..  

 Training is provided for staff to enable them to carry out the Key Person role including during induction, staff understand the importance of the key person role.

 Children’s emotional wellbeing is an essential foundation for their health, happiness, confidence and ability to learn.  


Development books and the Early years Foundation Stage

 We have been praised for our development books which we do on the children, these include observations, photographs and other aspects of your child’s learning like next steps to bring them on ready for their next goal. These are securely kept at the preschool and you will see them regularly at parents meetings, you will be asked to contribute to them with learning achieved at home.

 This shows that all the wonderful experiences we have at preschool help us to learn and meet our goals in line with the EYFS framework. Our planning is based on the children’s likes and interests, we ensure the children have access to all 7 areas of learning. Please see the link below to help you see how your child is doing within the curriculum

A parents guide:

Parents code of conduct- Very important information

Code of conduct